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blueeyestunned ([personal profile] blueeyestunned) wrote2014-09-27 09:52 pm

Hey, you guys...

Be my friend.

I'm so sick of interpreting your 'likes' as flirtation or something else. Just tell me. Do you want to be friends? I could hold your hand. I love making new connections. I always did have a need to be too emotionally intimate too soon. I miss usernames and the glow of a CRT monitor. Shit, I miss Surge. But beyond that, I think there still is a place on the internet where we can share ourselves like we did when we were teenagers. So I am coming back to the scene of the crime.

Come be a criminal with me.

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Welcome back. :)

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Oh hai! Good to see you back here! :)

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Welcome back! Now I have an excuse to post more. :)

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May it be a place of human connection and not just a billboard for funny cat pictures. :)

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(not that funny cat pictures are bad!)

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Hello, you.

Damn it took me awhile to respond to this.

Surely similarly to many inhabitants of the LJ world, posting is always nestled somewhere in the back of my mind. I mean to do it more often. I appear missing. I come around, staggering at times.

I still read this too.

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I can't get enough of your poetic vagueness.