blueeyestunned: (camera)
blueeyestunned ([personal profile] blueeyestunned) wrote2014-09-15 12:17 pm

the price of a front stage self

It is hard to pull together all the details of a human.

I think it is particularly difficult now, with the necessity of having an image – a cultivated self online. It seems as though we have all become so impatient that we cannot fathom having more details than “what do you do?” or “where do you live?” Even our pastimes must be fashionable and on point.

So, while I spent the last hour culling posts and images in order to project a “professional” image online, I must ask myself what cost I pay for it. I am loathe to admit the demand that we compartmentalize ourselves in this way. I think this might be why checking in at a bar or taking risque selfies is so taboo when we’re laid bare this way.

Here you go – have all of me.